Monday, January 1, 2007

Blog Notes

3/26/09 Not really liking the look of my blog.. Think I need to clean it up and change some colors.

6/15/09 Don;t know why but my blog looks aweful in IE so I recommend Chrome or Firefox.

6/26/09 Blog blew up! Ugh..

7/10/09 Time for a new header.. but time is not on my side.. Thinking of drasticly changeing the look. Check out my test site and tell me what you think.

12/18/09 Thought of switching to Wordpress many times. Too lazy maybe, but so far I am getting things to work to my liking here. New header is up and looks good I think. Actually I have a have a Wordpress  version started. Maybe someday.

Link Exchange

If you would like to exchange banners or links please post requests here.

Feel free to link to the image urls below.  That way if I ever update the banners yours will be updated automatically.





Fresh From Japan

I am hoping I can get something going here. A friend in Japan sent me a picture today and I thought it would be a cool idea to try and get daily cell phone pictures from all my friends in Japan and feature them every day on the sidebar. Lets see how it goes..

Kuki Station 11:27pm JST 4/7/09 -by Miki

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