Monday, January 1, 2007

Blog Notes

3/26/09 Not really liking the look of my blog.. Think I need to clean it up and change some colors.

6/15/09 Don;t know why but my blog looks aweful in IE so I recommend Chrome or Firefox.

6/26/09 Blog blew up! Ugh..

7/10/09 Time for a new header.. but time is not on my side.. Thinking of drasticly changeing the look. Check out my test site and tell me what you think.

12/18/09 Thought of switching to Wordpress many times. Too lazy maybe, but so far I am getting things to work to my liking here. New header is up and looks good I think. Actually I have a have a Wordpress  version started. Maybe someday.


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Sorry to say that I forgot your name - but we sat next to each other on your last plane ride home from Japan to Harrisburg ...

You can drop me a line:

Take care


Leo said...

i tried to check out you new blogpost but permission denied statment.

ed3 said...

I fixed it.. you can see now. =)

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