Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Magibon Animated?

It's not, but it was my first thought when I came across this video.


jinstevens said...

The gal in the video doesn't blink her eyes enough to be Magibon. :)

Also, what is she doing wearing a Korean hanbok. Sort of surprised to see that in the video.

ed3 said...

Ah good eye.. From what I can gather, she is Korean living in the UK but does not have a British accent.

xorsyst said...

I died when she did the Charlie Chaplin impression. LOL. I wasn't expecting that. Great find.

jinstevens said...


She's not Korean or at least she's not speaking Korean. The language doesn't sound Japanese...is it Mandarin?

ed3 said...

@jinstevens If you watch any of the other videos there are several references to Korea, they are very quick stills or text overlays, and only appear for a couple frames. Yes, usually she sings Japanese songs. The song in this one is a Naruto song. There was one where she sings in Cantonese though.

Optimus Skiver said...

Oh sweet, I forgot about tinkerchel. She's still better than magibon in my book, because she's so upbeat. ^.^

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