Friday, May 15, 2009

Medical check at Chubu

Still on the plane. Looks like I passed though.
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Jessilee said...

Glad you made it! Miss you very much! I know the Blackberry doesn't take the greatest pictures..however they really don't look that bad when you post them! Love ya!

miki said...

oh! I' ve known like this situation!!
ummm,it looks scary .

but you were health!
it is very great !
Pls enjoy your adventure !

ed3 said...

I spelled chubu wrong..

Onnie said...

Yay you're there! Have fun :)

miki said...

a ha ha ! yay ! it has been showed Chuby not chubu . ;)

miki said...

but I can understand chubu international airport ! ;)

Have fun !!!

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