Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WD TV HD Media Player Firmware Update

Western Digital realeases firmware update 1.02.07! 

This player is still my choice for watching all those GB's of Anime and J-Drama's. Just attach your portable HD and go. Unless you have a dedicated Media PC, this is the way to watch your downloaded TV and Movies. Although I have been having some trouble with some subtitle files on occasion, I still like this player, it handles just about anything I throw at it.

From the WD Website:
Version 1.02.07 Now Available!

We've received tremendous feedback on WD TV and some great suggestions to improve the product even more. In response to your requests, we're pleased to offer release product enhancements to make your viewing experience better than ever. Updating your media player is simple. Just follow the instructions below, grab your remote and enjoy the show!

What's New?

Release 1.02.07 (4/27/2009) 
(includes all previously released updates)

  • Enhanced cover art, album art, and thumbnail support for media files and folders
  • Additional subtitle languages and decoding support
  • Improved media playback and navigation
  • More audio formats for MKV container
  • Fixed bugs reported by the WD TV user community


Anonymous said...

WD Media Player would be an excellent choice, if it only had a firmware available for the DOLBY TrueHD audio support. What is the sense of having a full 1080p Media player without HD audio support???


Coxinha said...

I´ve bought one of these a few days ago ($99.00 at J&R Computer World, in New York City).
Amazing value for an anime watcher.
I have been watching fansubs on my TV using a notebook with a tv-out connection, but the WD Media Player is much easier to let connect to the TV, seems to produce superior video quality (but I´m not an expert) and has the most fantastic feature: a remote control.
Very recommended!

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