Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Skype 4.0 - 大嫌いですか?

What were your first thoughts after installing the new Skype 4.0 for windows?  Usually there is an adjustment period with a major upgrade, but I must say, with this one someone threw logic out the window.  Although the core functions are all there, they changed many things that did not need changed.  If they wanted to give it a facelift, ok, but don't dismantle the entire flow.

Perhaps many will like the changes, we have yet to see.  One feature I will miss greatly is the Public IM Chat feature.  I found 2 Japanese public chats that were very usefull in sharing blog posts and technology chat.  I will miss them, and can only hope that Skype will reactivate this feature in a future release.  I hear a lot of people are trying to reinstall older versions after upgrading.  To what success I don't know, but I am sure upgrading will be manditory at some point due to server issues.

Regardless of you position please go over to the the Skype blog on ver. 4.0 and post your comment. --->> Here.

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