Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strong Zero - Stick to the fresh -196°C!

Took me forever to find this.  I was watching Japanese TV on KeyHole TV and spotted a commercial for Strong Zero (ストロングゼロ).  I will be adding it to my list of things to get when I am in Japan this spring.  

Below is the concept for this product, which is quite interesting.  From what I can gleen they use the entire fruit and freeze it to sub zero temperatures untill it can be pulverized into a powder. The resulting powder can then be introduced into the mixture making up the drink.  Using this method the freshness, taste, and fragrance is locked in.

Visit Suntory to check out their other products, and watch the commercial for Strong Zero here. Why on earth would you want a lemon drink that only uses the juice.  Stick to the fresh! Strong Zero -196°C


Zentaro said...

Looks pretty tasty!

Tommy said...

So.. you can drink tasty lemonade on the go? I want one! T_T

Zappa Z said...

If you bring me one of these I can wash down my Mos burger with it.

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