Sunday, February 8, 2009

KeyHole TV 3.12 - What's on TV tonight, in Japan!

KeyHoleTV is your window into the world of Japanese TV.  Thanks to the creators of this little application, you can enjoy Japanese TV wherever you have a computer and internet connection.  

From my tests on different hardware, the video stream seems a little choppy.  Regardless, if you are desperate to see what is on Japanese TV, this is the best bet for you.  I use this all the time, and am grateful that someone has taken time to provide this little gem.

When you click on download from their main site you go to the following directory, see below. A little unconventional these days but it gets the job done.  Just click on the file name, SetupKHTV3.12.exe, to download the installation file.  Direct link to the download directory here.

Once installed and working, you can double click on the video window and get a resizeable pop out window to view the stream in.  There are about 27 channels. Although some require a password, most are open to the public.  Another plus is the inclusion of a handful of radio stations.  

Some sample listings:


Brian Lockwood said...

How about this I can set up a SlingBox in my apartment and I can stream Japanese TV to you. If you live in the States, then you can setup a Slingbox so I can catch up on some American TV in Japan.

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Anonymous said...

I downloaded the "KeyHole TV", when executing it changes its status to offline automatically!A warning appears saying " KeyHoleTVhas Updated. You Need to Download update. "I am Brazilian and I do not understand much English! haha!Help me! Where do I download the update that speech? What should I do to be to run the channels?Appears below a sentence written: "System connection to Administorater stops!" Help me ! Help me ! Help me !

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