Friday, August 21, 2009

McDonalds Japan's Mr. James TV Commercial

This commercial pokes fun at gaijin in Japan. I don't find it offensive at all really, what do you think? More info on Mr. James and the Nippon All Stars HERE.


Hanabi said...

I feel relieved to hear that this TV commercial don't give you offensive thing.
I like this TV commercial =)
And 'Tukimi Buger'(Moon Buger) are delicious!!

ed3 said...

Hanabi! Thank you for your comment.

Yes, I think it is important in life to be able to laugh at yourself. Everyone takes things to serious these days. =)

miki said...

This is MIki. a ha ha !
Long time no chatting .!
I 'm terribly sorry .
I checked yourblog at last .
I haven't seen this TV commercial.
Is this broadcasted in Japan ??
or Only USA ??
I'm interested that.
I haven't watched TV aswell...
so Don't I know this TV commercial ?

Zappa Z said...

That's hilarious. I think that's how everybody acts in private when they are trying to learn a new language.

Anonymous said...

I'm I the only one reading into the true import of this story:

It was made by a Japanese from a U.S. university. I assumed it was a regretful J-coed that learned to denigrate Western men by soaking up our misandric culture, then when she no longer benefits from said culture and is scorned by Western men in Japan, plays out her resentment. (A native, non-traveled Japanese does not possessive adequate insight into our cultural mileu to understand the nerd arch-type [My, God, one would have to ask serious questions of Confuscius culture if he did]).

This also shows that the collapse of English teaching, the god-like fixation on rap and harlem were/are not passing phenomena. There is a shift in the popular culture denigrating Caucasian men and integrating negative parts of our culture, accelerated by increased access to our media through the internet and more Japanese dubbing. This is not good news and another reason to go to another Asian country for a young dude to party/work. Japan's low wages (for foreigners), lack of respect for foreigners, inscrutable language, increasing off-shoring (a la America) of their economy, and lack of English ability is fast pricing itself out of the market for use to take interest in them.

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