Monday, June 22, 2009

Yakitori Grill - やきとり!

So, I am in Japan, and they are cooking all these wonderful things on these stick grills. I should have thought to buy one of these when I was there, but didn't think of it till afterwards. So far the one below is the only one I have found. It is not like the ones the street vendors have, but looks like it would do the job. This one is from Mitsutani Electric Corporation.

I'm thinking that with my rudimentary welding skills I may be able to create my own, which would use charcoal. You can see my Japanese Beef page on Facebook here, where I have more pictures and videos.


TheGeek said...

Something like that shouldn't be to hard to fab up. Just remember when grilling with wooden skewers to soak them in water first. There nothing like having your skewers burst into flame.

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