Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iwako Erasers

Iwako erasers seem to have become popular in our area. I just saw these the other day on Amazon, a few days later my wife found and bought some at a local toy store. The detail is quite amazing. Some come with stickers you have to put on yourself for more realism. I'm not sure how practical they are a erasers, as I have not tested them yet, though I am thinking they are not meant to be used for erasing anything. The Japanese website is HERE. The English is HERE.


                                I guess they couldn't get a license from Glico..


Onnie said...

Those are pretty ridiculously cute. I'd buy them.

Emi said...

Those are great! I used to collect erasers when I was little. I would have been so happy to have these!

xlpharmacy said...

I think Iwako erasers are adorable, I love them, they are cute, wonderful and amazing...

Jowa said...

I collect iwako erasers and love the different shapes they keep coming out with.


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