Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cream puffs from Osaka - ビアード パパ

These sounded to good not to post about them. In 1999 Yuji Hirota opened the Beard Papa store in Osaka selling the perfect cream puff.. 11 years later I am just finding out about this. I doubt I will know for sure how perfect they are anytime soon, as most of the locations that sell these in the U.S., are in California, Florida, and Hawaii. For now I will just have to drool on the website. Check out the Beard papa websites in ENGLISH and 日本語.


miki said...

hello! long time no hearing .
I go to English schol every Saturday.and I've moved another section again at the job.
I really hate my job .
so I've been looking for a better job recently .but it's hard to find a job in Japan.
but I'll find better job soon!a ha ha ! see you and keep in touch!
oh ! I go to NY in November.
I go alone and I want to see the museum or so in NY.
I'm sure that It will be just a little my short vacation and relax time for me .

miki said...

oh! and also ,This movie is really nice ! I didn't know there was ''The beard PaPa story''.
It's interesting to me.

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