Monday, November 16, 2009

Learning with J-Drama's

After a short break from J-Dramas and studying Japanese, I am back in the habit again. As always Japanese TV, for me at least, is a great way to retain vocabulary and keep up do date on slang.

Started Fugoh Keiji last week, and have some others waiting to watch. Fugoh Keiji is a funny concept. A super wealthy grandfather tries to make right is sordid past by allowing his police detective granddaughter to try and spend all his money solving cases.


Hanabi said...

wow,I watched this drama!! Ms.Kyouko Fukada are so cute!^-^

ed3 said...

What is that she says all the time.
あのちょっとよろしいでしょうか? =)

Hanabi said...

Yes!!^o^ Her speaking are unique =)
Edsan,your Japanese are perfect!!!!!

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