Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 weeks in Gifu City

Bofore anything I need to thank my wife for this. Without her support this adventure would in no way be possible. I will be in her debt a long time for this. This may possibly be the craziest thing I have ever done. I am at the point of no return and am leaving very soon. Ready or not..

Why Gifu? Yes, I have done a lot of reading, anytime someone mentions Gifu, "Why Gifu?" is the question back. My interest goes a lot deeper than the western so called otaku wanting to hang out at Akiba. I want to experience the real Japan, everyday life with a family just like mine. And that's where I found them, Gifu City.

I think this homestay will be a little different than the average. My hosts are of similar age and I am not a student. Although we have been in contact through email and Skype, neither one of us knows what to completely expect. Indeed it will be quite an adventure..


miki said...

welcome to Japan !!
and Have you packed yet ??
I think your luggage will be bigger than others. becaus you and your family are staying for 2 weeks.
it is a long stay !!
!!wow I hope you and yourfamily love Japan more than now.

ed3 said...

It's just me! =) Traveling solo..

由樹絵 said...

Are you going to come to Japan only you ?!??

I'm surprised ...
your wife and yourkids are sooo kind of you !!
but Men's adventure and expedition sometimes need though.. I think.
because even my middle boss went to Thailand byhimself last year .

由樹絵 said...

sorry由樹絵is my friend ID.
Because I left thatless from Yuki's computer .

above comment is from Miki.

ed3 said...

I really hope I don't run into problems with this swine flu fiasco..

ed3 said...

...and yes, ny wife is the awesomest. =)

花火 said...

Welcome to Japan!!!
I really wish you enjoying your stay in Gifu. And I think your wife turuly amazing ;)

Take care,


ed3 said...


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