Friday, July 17, 2009

Asus Eee Keyboard spotted in Neuromancer artwork!

The Eee Keyboard by Asus has an uncanny resemblance to the one seen below. The artwork is by Barclay Shaw for the 1986 Phantasia Press edition of the 1984 novel by William Gibson. Looks a little bulkier than the Asus model, but has the same LCD display on the right. Could this have been the inspiration for Asus's new keyboard PC?


kwech said...

Hahaha - No way! That is one heck of a coincidence! True, the actual model is much more sleek and lightweight, but the design inspiration seems to be the exact same!

miki said...

hello !
o ha you gozaiamsu !
This topic is really interesting !!
yay! That has lots of similar points .

but I think Asus imitate that picture's PC ,
What do you think ?
any way ,What for is that display ??
I can't imagine that black display how to use.

花火 said...

wow,I feel maybe it's future's view...becouse notebook computer or mobile phone or TV or something..are getting smaller and smaller =)

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