Friday, July 10, 2009

The rice fields are growing up.

One of my friends in Japan just emailed me this picture this morning. How thankful I was to recieve this. It brought back so many memories. Of course when I was there the fields were full of water with people everywhere planting little rice plants by hand or with little tractors. During my stay I must have passed tens of thousands of these little fields all carefully placed and planned out. I still don't quite understand how the tractors they use to plant the rice don't sink into the flooded rice fields, but they don't.

I wish I were there to walk through the fields in person, but pictures will have to do. Thank you 花火, for bringing back memories of the Japanese countryside and my journey through Japan.


Hanabi said...

Your welcome. I'm so glad you like it. Thank you so much for up to my picture ;)
umm..One of the reason of the troctors don't use that the troctor's planting are imperfect.
So the person are plant again^ー^

May you will walk throuh in the rice field someday ;)

Have a beautiful weekend^ー^


miki said...

wow ! it's really nice view !
rice ! お米ですね。

Leo said...

That sure is one big rice field. How big is it? I'd be afraid of finding snakes if I walked through there. Deathly afraid of them.

ed3 said...

I think there are 2 fields in this photo. Seems like I can see where the other one starts about 2/3 back. I could be wrong. 花火 would know it is her picture. =)

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