Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zork Lives!

I got my first taste of Zork on an Osborne CP/m machine.  In a dimly lit basement with a glowing flourescent lamp over head, I delved into the world of Zork, the Osborne's 94k 5-1/4" drive chattering away with every command. In green text on a 5" screen, Infocoms's ancient world of Zork came alive. 

But, that was a long time ago, since then there have been several releases and sequels with graphical versions as well, all of which are in my collection today. It has been a while since a new release, with ZGI being the last and one of my favorites. 

Just when you think it will never happen again, the guys at Jolt/Activision put some life back into the series with the online game Legends of Zork.  Success or failure, many thanks to them for keeping the legend alive.  Head over to Legends of Zork and try it out!  

Thanks to my brother at the Atomic Cheese Melt for finding this. Make sure to keep an eye out for his big fat review on this game.


TheGeek said...

I remember playing Zork on my Apple IIe, and trying out what the heck to do with that broken song bird.

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