Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two amazing weeks in Gifu City.

Finally after 2 years of talking about it, I got a change to visit. After reading about Japan and scouring blogs for information and details about this country, it was my turn to see for myself what it is was all about. I can say for me, that it was more than I had expected. It is truly an amazing place in so many ways.

The picture above is just one example of my 2 incredible weeks in Japan. I can't even put into words the experience that I just had. I can not thank my host family enough for everything they did for me during my stay. Finding a family that would allow me to stay and live with them allowed me to experience the country in ways that would not be possible otherwise.


Hanabi said...

Hello Edo3,
Thank you so much for the beautiful phote!!!
I'm really glad at you returned to safe ;)
I think your thanksful heart have conveyed for host family.

And how did "Onsen"??^-^

Have a nice day!

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